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About me

About Interiors by Erik R. Galiana, Inc

Erik R. Galiana is someone that loves what he does. He humbly admits that his career started with a single house warming party he threw some 13 years ago after moving back to NYC. Gaining 3 jobs that very night, he decided to go back to school to hone his skills and to learn the few things that didn't already come naturally. Today he works with a host of clients including celebrities, sports figures, real estate developers and a variety of other clients that repeatedly seek him out home after home.

Understanding how to design a property to sell is a specific talent that Erik has developed over the years. Real estate giants including Africa-Isreal, HFZ Capital, The Related Group, Ugo Columbo & Lionstone Development, The Moinian Group, Stonehenge, The Trump Organization and K Group Holdings have all sought Erik out to create model residences to help better sell and lease their properties.

Although, the majority of his private clients continue to be in NYC and South Florida, his work has also taken him to such locales as Chicago, Park City, Utah, Southern California, even as far as Panama and Cape Town, South Africa. Erik describes his own style as "warm modern with an eclectic twist", but his motto is "my job isn't to give you the home that I want you to have, it's to help you design the dream home that you desire and keep you from making mistakes in the process."

Erik always surrounds himself with a team of the most competent people possible, ensuring that multiple jobs can stay both on deadline and budget. He jokes that he must be the only one that he knows, that actually tries to get his clients to spend less rather than more. Often his favorite ideas are ones that don’t have to cost very much, but give "a lot of bang for the buck."