Testimonials of Interiors by Erik R. Galiana, Inc

Yolanda Foster

House Wives of Beverly Hills

"Erik Galiana has been a great help to me when my girls Gigi and Bella moved to NYC to attend college. He has impeccable taste with a great sense of detail, creative on a budget but most importantly he is a man of his word, someone you can trust to get the job done."

Peter & Yiliam Eldridge

Miami Beach

Once in a great while you are lucky enough to run across people who truly stand out in their field of work. These rare individuals are not only passionate about what they do, but they usually have an innate talent to quickly visualize the "finished sculpture" while possessing only a "pile of clay". Such are the talents of Erik Galiana.

We have a Miami Beach Mediterranean Home built in 1924 that we have been considering selling. A local decorator had helped us with the home, and the style was "1924 antique Mediterranean". After inviting a local real estate professional in to advise us on staging the house, we were advised that all of the heavy drapes, dark wall colors and antiques should go. We swallowed hard over that bit of advice, but realized she was probably right and we needed serious help.

In steps Erik Galiana. Fresh off a flight from N.Y. at 9:30 p.m. on a Friday night, Erik studied his canvas and went to work. "Paint the walls this color, take this down, move that around, put the piano in the other room, leave these rooms the way they are." Wow, by 2:00 a.m. Erik had definitely left an impression. He spent practically the rest of the weekend at our home to finish his concept, and all at a very fair projected budget. In fact, as the project evolved and we became more excited about the outcome, the hardest part was for us to not exceed the budget that Erik was determined to stick with. He kept reminding us "you are selling the house aren't you?"

After Erik left back to NY and the remodeling progressed, we communicated frequently by e-mail, text and phone, about everything from art, window treatments, furniture choices and too many other things to list. A particular talent he has that we've come to appreciate is his uncanny memory of room and wall dimensions. I can't say how many times we've texted him about a piece of furniture or an art work in a particular place and he would respond, "that wall is only sixty-four inches, it's too small for that painting." Unbelievable, who remembers things like that?

It's been only thirty days and the 3,200 sq.ft. project is nearing completion. When friends and family enter our home they are just blown away by the new look. Actually, so are we. In fact, after looking around at some other properties we have decided to stay put for a while. This house is just too beautiful to leave.




Miami Apartment

I write this on behalf of erik galiana,

Last spring (2001) I signed a lease on an apt at CR Miami on April 1st. The apartment had nothing more than four walls, floors that were damaged and an extraordinary view...

Six days later two of my children wanted to use it for vacation,

The challenge was on to make it happen.

As luck and incredible good fortune would have it erik's name appeared on the CR Miami website; I called, he was able to meet me the next day at the apt...

I knew immediately that he would be amazing...

Five days to go...

erik put together the most beautiful selection of basic pieces from his Tui line and then, figuring out my love of eclectic style, desire for real comfort, and understanding that I wanted an understated beachy elegance to the space, he personally crafted selection of the most fun stores in the design district for us to scour for pieces that would personalize my apartment. erik has a impeccable eye for color and space. He found pieces in every price range and combined them in ways that I have never seen before. When I found items that "called to me" erik always found ways to make them even more uniquely integrated into the character and flow of the apartment. Without exception everything erik found was perfect... down to the candles, throw pillows, and a very challenging recliner that I needed and wanted for my sons. erik chose perfect paint colors and had the work executed efficiently and with attention to detail and quality. erik and his amazing assistant Cathy handled everything! Not detail was unsuperrevised or overlooked. Five days after meeting erik my family was using the place in complete comfort... beds made, towels hung, dishes washed and in the cabinets! TV's installed and cable hooked up. Tested and working!!! An incredible accomplishment.

I have been very lucky to have built two homes from scratch and renovated three others. I have worked with amazing people along the way; None was better than erik. No team was better than erik and Cathy. erik has incredible style, flair, and design sense. He is practical and whimsical all at once. He honored and respected every idea I put forth and then also brought in many many new and interesting ones that I simply would never have thought of. He is a pleasure to work with. He works tirelessly and puts in days and consistent effort that I have never seen any other designer do… ever! I now feel very lucky to consider erik and Cathy as friends.

I write this recommendation to not only encourage you to use erik, but also to assure you that you will find NO ONE better; you would be wise to hire erik and lucky to work with him.

Have fun!